The Shopworker's Lament

by The French Defence

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It's November the Seventeenth
They forecast snow, but outside it's sleeting
And this is a day to forget
I agreed to the overtime
Now I wish I could change my mind
Is this a mistake I'll regret?

'Cause I really need the money
But this is getting worrying for sure
They've started playing a Christmas compilation

Do the management care at all?
Saviour's Day drives me up the wall
And I've heard it four times by my break
A shopper scolds me for looking sour
But they're not here for the next EIGHT HOURS
There's only so much I can take

'Cause I know I need the money
But this just isn't funny anymore
Please stop playing that Christmas compilation
Yeah I really need the money
But this could have me running for the door
Please stop playing that Christmas compilation

I know they're aiming for a festive ambience
And of the extra cash I'm grateful for the chance
But every shift feels so long
That bloody Chris de Burgh song
Is poisoning my brain
I'm even sick of Kirsty and Shane...

They close the shop late on Christmas Eve
Head for home - outside, it's still sleeting
But finally I can unwind
Driving out to my family
The radio's off, and at last I'm free
To wipe all those songs from my mind

Well, they must have seen me coming
As no sooner have I walked up to the door
Than they start playing a Christmas compilation
But I'm no longer grumbling
'Cause it's Christmas Eve, it's what these songs are for
So keep on playing...

Merry Christmas.


released December 19, 2012
All music and lyrics: Owen Lloyd



all rights reserved